Mengapa Ada Baju ‘Vintage’ Bernilai Lebih Tinggi Daripada Emas???


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Mengapa Ada Baju ‘Vintage’ Bernilai Lebih Tinggi Daripada Emas

Ada orang tanya saya, “Baju mahal tu boleh kalis api neraka ke?” Hendak jawab pun serba salah tetapi kena juga jawab. Tidak pun. Baju mahal atau baju murah tak ada yang kalis api neraka.
Macam ini lah senang. Gelang emas dan rantai emas mahal ke murah? Kalau mahal, cuba try tanya bini kamu, “Pakai gelang emas mahal-mahal ni, kalis api neraka ke?” Hah, cuba tanya kalau berani.

Baju vintage ini pun lebih kurang macam emas. Pakai bukan nak kalis api neraka. Barang perhiasan. Ada yang beli buat pakai untuk tampak bergaya. Ada jugak yang beli buat simpan. Pelaburan katanya.
Baju dekat Zon Ria murah je. Kenapa yang ini jadi mahal?

Baju vintage ini baju lama. 20 tahun yang dulu. 30 tahun yang dulu. Banyak manalah yang masih wujud dalam keadaan yang elok sekarang ini. Yang sudah jadi kain lap kaki, buat lap minyak banyaklah. Yang boleh sarung pakai pula? Mungkin tinggal beberapa helai sahaja.
Kanye west vintage


Tambahan lagi bukan orang Sandakan atau Tanah Merah sahaja yang cari baju vintage ini. Orang Tokyo, Bangkok, malah orang Los Angeles pun ramai yang mencari. Bukan orang biasa. David Beckham pun pakai kamu tahu? Ini teori ekonomi yang simple. Permintaan dia banyak, tetapi barang terhad. Jadi, secara automatik sesuatu baju vintage itu jadi mahal.
Sebagai contoh, satu baju promosi The Beatles untuk album tahun 1966 mereka, ‘Yesterday and Today’ terjual pada harga USD 19,932 (~RM80,000) di laman eBay! Kalau anda buat research sedikit kenapa baju ini mahal, anda akan tahu kenapa ianya boleh terjual dengan harga begitu.

Beatles Expensive


Kenapa hendak cari? Pakai baju Zon Ria cukuplah. Samalah macam emas tadi. Tanya balik isteri kamu. “Kenapa pakai gelang emas? Pakai gelang getah dekat Mydin cukuplah. Gelang juga kan?”.
Sebab bagi isteri kamu, emas itu cantik. Samalah juga dengan baju vintage ini. Kamu tengok macam buruk. Tapi pada mata insan seperti David Beckham, Kanye West dan Justin Bieber baju vintage ini bergaya. Sebab itulah mereka beli.
Saya bukan hendak suruh ikut macam David Beckham. Cuma mahu beritahu atas minat masing-masing. Kalau ada duit, boleh beli. Kalau tak ada duit, janganlah mencuri. Kumpul duhulu.

Beckham Wearing Vintage

Cukup bulan, baru beli. Macam juga emas. Hari ini beli tiga ratus. Tahun depan boleh jual lima ratus.
Baju murah atau baju mahal, tak ada yang boleh jadi kalis api neraka. Tapi jangan risau. Kalau kamu mahu, ada sahaja barang yang boleh buat kau bebas daripada api neraka. Ketakwaan, keredhaan Allah, dan jugak syafaat Nabi Muhammad. Sekian.

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Do you have a rare tour T-shirt in your wardrobe?​

© Henry Groskinsky/The LIFE Images Collection/Getty Images

Time to go through your parents’ drawers – there may be a rare sartorial gem hidden in there!
Written by Chris ParkinPublished on 11.04.2017 · 14:00 +08
Back in the day, no one knew the value of anything. Toys were torn out of their boxes and (shock, horror!) played with; favourite records were lent to sticky-fingered friends; and band T-shirts were worn to within an inch of their lives and then thrown in the bin. But, d'oh! What were we thinking? Just like toys and records, vintage band T-shirts have been big business for years now, despite high-street shops selling mass-produced copies.
Just to prove how careful we – or maybe your parents – should've been, here's a selection of some really cool but very rare band T-shirts.

Nirvana, tour crew T-shirt (1993)​

One of several tour T-shirts out there that's as rare as platypus teeth because it was only given to crew members working on Nirvana's In Utero tour. This particular one belonged – or so we're told – to Kurt Cobain's bodyguard. Given the lasting importance of Nirvana, this one is super-expensive. It was put on sale for $6,987 [£5,609].
A rare first pressing of Nirvana's 1989 tour t-shirt.
Nirvana, 1993

Run-D.M.C., concert T-shirt (early 1980s)​

This promo T-shirt, for an early '80s show by the New York rap legends, will set you back a pretty penny – just like any hip-hop T-shirt from the same era will. But this one has the added bonus of looking amazing and having some old-school adidas magic. The trio had a partnership with the sports brand back in the day and the reverse features an adidas/Run-D.M.C. logo. The example below was priced at $13,022 [£10,453].
This Run-D.M.C./adidas team-up is a rare promo item from the early '80s.
Run-D.M.C. My adidas, early '80s

Michael Jackson, tour baseball shirt (1984)​

From his 1984 Thriller world tour, this original Michael Jackson baseball shirt has been known to sell for $996 [£800]. Which is still an awful lot of money given that Jackson was already a huge pop star by that point and presumably shifted a lot of merch. There's a very good chance that anyone who owns one of these also owns a pair of Jackson's LA Gear trainers. The T-shirt below was priced at $386 [£310].
Check out this Michael Jackson Thriller World Tour t-shirt from 1984.
Michael Jackson, 1984

The Rolling Stones, tour crew T-shirt (1976)​

Examples of this T-shirt, which was given to family, friends and crew members working on the Stones' Knebworth Park, UK, show in 1976, have been known to sell for a whopping $9014 [£7,236] – apparently. That's what happens when you pair one of the world's biggest bands with a character from Asterix. There are cheaper examples out there, including the tiny one below, which was put on the market for $934 [£750].
A rare Rolling Stones t-shirt from 1976.
The Rolling Stones, 1976

Guns N’ Roses, tour T-shirt (1987)​

This is an original 1987 Guns N' Roses T-shirt for their Appetite For Destruction European tour. Again, you might think that enough people would still own this one to keep prices down – but obviously not. Music fans need to take better care of their clothes. Depending on the condition and size of the T-shirt, these sell for between £100-900. But this one was priced at $1,192 [£957].
Sold on the band's 1987 European tour, this one is surprisingly rare.
Guns N' Roses, 1987

Led Zeppelin, promotional T-shirt (1973)​

Fans hand over large sums of money for Zep T-shirts. The band's shirt for their 1979 Knebworth Park show, which also served as a backstage pass, was reportedly sold for $7599 [£6,100] by Stormcrow Vintage in 2011. But the example below – a promotional T-shirt by Atlantic Records to plug the release of the band's 1973 (and fifth) album Houses Of The Holy – was made available for $3110 [£2,497].
Original Electra Records promo t-shirt from 1973.
Led Zeppelin's Houses Of The Holy shirt, 1973

The Beatles, promotional T-shirt (1970s)​

The Beatles' ninth US album, 1966's Yesterday And Today, was recalled immediately because of its gory cover: dressed like butchers, the Fabs were covered in blood, meat and mutilated dolls. The original record is, as you might guess, now worth a small fortune. A few years ago someone apparently sold a T-shirt featuring the original cover – a gift from John Lennon – on eBay for $19,932 [£16,000]. The one below – from the early '70s – isn't worth that much, but it does have the butcher cover on it. The asking price was $595 [£478].
A super-rare Beatles t-shirt from the early '70s.
The Beatles, 1970s

Prince, muscle T-shirt (1984)​

But of course Prince released a skimpy muscle T-shirt. To plug his 1984 album Purple Rain, the much-missed megastar's label put out these promotional T-shirts. If you've got one, take good care of it. We found one on sale for $1,554 [£1,248].
A vintage Prince muscle t-shirt from 1984.
Prince, 1984

The Ramones, tour T-shirt (1978)​

Their logo is killer, so T-shirts by The Ramones – along with those by Joy Division and Motörhead – were the first to be mass-produced by shops around the world. People wearing a Ramones tee might not know which track opens Rocket To Russia, but they will look pretty cool. Anyway, you can understand their appeal: this amazing 1978 original tour T-shirt was on sale for $500-plus [£400-plus].
One of the most copied t-shirts in merchandising history – The Ramones.
The Ramones, 1978

The Residents, promotional T-shirt (1974)​

Back in the day, this would've been a T-shirt for a subversive music fan and member of the counter-culture. And frankly, given how bonkers The Residents' abstract, deconstructed pop music still sounds, owning this T-shirt still does give you an edge. This was released to plug the band's 1974 debut album and features the record's front cover – a controversial parody of The Beatles' second US album, Meet the Beatles! The one below was marked at $778 [£625].
One for subversive souls, this one: The Residents making fun of The Beatles on a 1974 promotional t-shirt.
The Residents, 1974

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Barang jadi rare sbb pengeluaran die limited @ sudah out off stock, tpi demand bnyk, itu yg harga kdg mampu tgk dri memiliki, heee

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